Bret Bernhoft

About Me

I am a JavaScript Developer, who loves learning; especially when solving challenges as part of making unique applications for Internet users throughout the global Web. I began my journey in technology with WordPress and Web Analytics. More recently I've been working with React, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Vite, Node, Git, Netlify, Quickbase and RESTful JSON APIs. Eventually I'd like to work as an Artificial Intelligence Programmer.

Recent Blog Articles

Finding A Remote Developer Job With Online Meetups

"In addition to social media, I found that attending Online events (across the country) organized on the Meetup platform, was highly effective"

My Early Journey As A Remote JavaScript Developer

" was once I began to teach myself how to program computers, that my understanding of and connection to these modern machines truly opened up and took form."

Social Media Links

To help you get to know me a bit better, below you will find direct links to my various social media profiles from across the Internet. Each representing a different sphere of my life. Feel free to connect with and message me on any and all of them.

Personal Hobbies

I enjoy making, sharing and experimenting with technologies (as well as multimedia and data) of all kinds. Which is, in my humble opinion, on display throughout this section as my personal hobbies.

AI-Generated Images

As part of a larger Web Development project, I am exploring the Cyberpunk "corpo" aesthetic using AI-generated images. Eventually this experimentation will lead to a full-scale website for a fictional, international corporation.


Original Sound Effects

Below you will find a growing collection of original sound effects. To listen, first choose a sound effect from the dropdown, then press play. You can also find these (and other) audio files on Freesound and SoundCloud.